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Necklace with Hungarian folk motif. - JEWEL-PENDANT-284
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Size: /

Colors: white, grey, black

Item #: JEWEL-PENDANT-284 (-284-)

Hand-embroidered pendant with Hungarian folk motif. The whole surface is embroidered.

Category Folk jewels

LAST available item!

Size: - medal width is 6.5cm (2.5") - leather hanger 60cm (23.5")

Item price: US$ 15.90

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Christmas tree hangers, embroidered with golden yarn - CHR-MOON-ANGEL-HANGER-294
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Size: /

Colors: white and golden

Item #: CHR-MOON-ANGEL-HANGER-294 (-294-)

Christmas tree hangers, embroidered with golden yarn. 4 pieces (one angel and three moons)

Category Christmas embroidery

LAST available item!

length of figures without hanger 9cm/3.5"
The price includes ALL FOUR pieces!

Item price: US$ 10.90

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Embroidered tablecloth (Kalocsa) - TABLE-KAL-WH-097

Size: 69x36 cm / 27"x14"

Colors: white

Item #: TABLE-KAL-WH-097 (-97-)

Hand embroidered small tablecloth, hand fringed borders (rare old Kalocsa style embroidery)

Category Kalocsa tablecloths

Last 2 available items!

Item price: US$ 39.90

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Doily with Matyo embroidery - MKDOI-WH-016

Size: 30 cm / 12" diameter

Colors: white

Item #: MKDOI-WH-016 (-16-)

Hand-embroidered doily with hand-fringed borders (Matyo)

Category Matyo doilies

Embroidered bookmark (Hungary) - MKORN-WH-004

Size: 20 x 7 cm / 9" x 2.7"

Colors: white

Item #: MKORN-WH-004 (-24-)

Bookmark, hand-embroidered, hand-fringed white borders (Matyo)

Category Matyo ornaments

Doily with Matyo embroidery - MKDOI-WH-005

Size: 19 cm / 7.5" diameter

Colors: white

Item #: MKDOI-WH-005 (-5-)

Hand embroidered, hand crocheted white borders (Matyo)

Category Matyo doilies


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