Hand-embroidered Matyo table runners

Decorate your room with these beautifully embroidered table runners with Matyo embroidery motifs.

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Embroidered runner (Matyo) - MKFUT-TR-112
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Size: 58x43 cm / 23"x17"

Colors: traditional

Item #: MKFUT-TR-112 (-112-)

Matyo runner, hand embroidered, hand crocheted red borders

Embroidered runner (Matyo) - MKFUT-BL-139

Size: 70x40 cm / 28"x16"

Colors: shades of blue

Item #: MKFUT-BL-139 (-139-)

Hand-embroidered Matyo runner with hand crocheted blue borders

Embroidered table runner (Matyo) - MKFUT-SM-TR-192
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Size: 39 x 26 cm / 15.3" x 10.2"

Colors: traditional

Item #: MKFUT-SM-TR-192 (-192-)

Hand-embroidered small matyo table runner with hand-crocheted red borders.

Hand-embroidered matyo table runner. - MKFUT-TR-233
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Size: 48 x 36 cm / 19"x14"

Colors: shades of blue

Item #: MKFUT-TR-233 (-233-)

Small matyo table runner, hand-embroidered, hand-crocheted blue borders

Embroidered table runner (Matyo) - MKFUT-TR-002

Size: 65x40 cm / 26"x16"

Colors: traditional colors

Item #: MKFUT-TR-002 (-27-)

Matyo table runner, hand-embroidered, hand-crocheted red borders


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