Important information about Kalocsa 'Richelieu' lace color and pattern variants!

(The below information are effective ONLY to our Kalocsa Richelieu-style embroideries!)

Our hand-embroidered Kalocsa (Richelieu) lace products are all special and unique items. It also means that what you see on the product's photo, may slightly differ from what you will receive in your order.

But don't panic! It doesn't mean that you will receive a completely different embroidery from us. The differences are small, however you have to take the below conditions into consideration, before you place your order!

What differences could that be??

   1. The COLORS of the hand-embroidered part MAY slightly differ (in certain colors or shades)

   2. The PATTERN of the Richelieu-lace part MAY slightly differ.

Below you can see a demonstration of what you can expect, if you order from our Richelieu-type embroideries.

Click on these pictures!

We would like to emphasize the fact, that these conditions don't affect the size of these products at all!

Of course, these samples above are only examples, and these conditions are effective to nearly ALL our Richelieu-type products

In case of ordering more items of the same Richelieu lace embroidery, and if you definitely want exactly the same pattern and coloring of that item(s), it can be solved too! After making such an order, please contact us to describe your requirements. In this case the time frame of the delivery MAY extend; you will be informed about it in time. However we keep the right of making color and pattern differences which are described above: your ordered items of the same product will exactly match in color and pattern, but MAY differ from what you see on the product's page.

Thank you for your understanding.

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